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Just a few reasons why our wedding planner, Heather Dwight, is a rock star.

I wasn’t one of those little girls who dreamed about her wedding. I didn’t have a color scheme or flowers or even a dress style already picked out at age seven, thirteen, or twenty-five. But after my now husband proposed, I will admit that I definitely had a blast planning our “perfect wedding.” We knew we wanted it to be outdoors, so we found a venue on the bank of the St. Vrain River, with red rock cliffs behind us and large grassy fields to play lawn games on during the cocktail hour. We knew we wanted the music and the food to be what our guests remembered, so we called upon our cousin’s band to play the night away and hired an incredible chef to cater a scrumptious meal, including a late night snack of grilled cheese sandwiches and a tomato soup shooter.  We knew we wanted our ceremony to be short and sweet so we wrote our own vows, had our best friend officiate, and had our brothers do readings. Finally, we knew we did not want a “traditional” wedding. I refused to wear white (my slate grey/blue dress by Tara LaTour was to die for!), there were no bridesmaids or groomsmen standing with us as we declared our love for each other, and there certainly was no garter removing, bouquet throwing, cake in the face, or receiving lines.

All of these elements were easy to envision all on our own. However, planning them, and every other beautiful detail, could never have been done without the help of our amazing wedding planner, Heather Dwight, and her team at Calluna Events. From the very beginning, Heather really listened to what we wanted and helped us bring our dreams to life. She introduced us to the most talented vendors, most of whom we fell in love with upon our first meeting – we hardly ever had to meet with a second option – probably because she took the time to learn exactly what we were looking for and then connected us with the people who were most likely to embody our vision.  She was extremely attentive to our needs and responsive to all sorts of crazy inquires and ideas. Most of all, Heather was the epitome of a true professional – she was extremely well organized and maintained grace and poise at all times. And she was all of that even before the 1,000-year flood hit Colorado’s front range the week of our wedding.

On the Thursday morning before our Saturday wedding, we woke up to the news that our venue in Lyons, Colorado was under eight feet of water. The town was completely inaccessible and would ultimately have to be evacuated by the National Guard.  Now, obviously, we had made a “rain plan” for our outdoor wedding, but there was no way we could have been prepared with a “flood plan.” All of a sudden, we had to come up with a completely new wedding in just two days. While my fiancé and I hosted family and friends from out of town and tried to keep on a brave face, Heather managed to do just that. She found us a new venue, she reorganized every time line, reached out to every vendor, and designed a new layout using some of the décor we had rented for our original wedding. She even managed to get the new venue, a hotel in Boulder, to let us bring in our own caterer and wine, which they had never done before and will likely never do again. Not only did Heather plan a new ceremony and reception in two days, she also planned an entirely new rehearsal dinner and Sunday brunch (neither of which she was contractually accountable for planning) because both of the original locations were flooded. And, I’ll say it again, she maintained grace and poise at all times.

So, as it turned out, my husband and I did not have exactly the wedding that we spent almost a year planning. But, on a weekend where thousands of people were dealing with the devastating consequences of a fatal flood, we felt lucky to have a wedding at all, let alone a totally enchanting, incredibly fun, and seamlessly planned (in two days!) wedding. And it never would have happened without the assistance and skill of Colorado’s premier wedding planner, Heather Dwight.

Emma + Patrick

“It takes a lot of precision, endless dedicated hours, and a great sense of style to coordinate an amazing wedding or event. Calluna Events has been doing just that for 10 years. In my 17 years as a caterer, I’ve never had a greater privilege than to work with Heather and her team. They have that unique talent for making you feel like your day is without question the single most important day. Their attention to ‘you’ is un- matched in the wedding and event world. I’m always honored to be able to work on a Calluna Events party because I know it’s going to be remarkable and done the right way.”

Cade Nagy, Catering By Design (Chef, Owner, Creative Director)

“You plan and you plan and then the big day arrives. It was so wonderful to know that all of the details we had worked so hard on for our wedding day were being taken care of by Heather. She was professional, organized and had a complete get it done attitude. The best part was that she was so connected with our goals for our wedding, she cared about our sentiment and how that was communicated throughout our amazing day! She started as our Wedding Day Coordinator and now she’s our friend.”

Kathleen & Bob Burgin

“The Calluna Events team played a huge part in making my wedding day a successful and memorable day. The most valuable service they gave to me was having them in charge on the day of the wedding. My mountain top location offered up some challenges for my florist. The only options were by gondola or truck. When the truck rolled over during transport, Heather and her team where there to manage everything. They worked to get all the flowers up the mountain, in places, and the ceremony started with only a 30 min delay. The best part was that I had no idea that anything had happened. It was exactly why I hired a wedding planner to begin with. I would highly recommend Heather and her team for your wedding!”

Katie, bride

“Heather was without a doubt the most important person we had for my daughter’s wedding. Not only was she efficient, enthusiastic, thorough, tough when needed but always gracious, she was a friend that we felt we could talk to about anything – good and bad. As a florist myself I never understood the true value of a event planner – because I never was involved with one that was of Heather’s caliber. If I had to do anything of this nature again, I would beg her to be my right hand man. She is essential to your wedding, trust me!!!”

Missy Fisher, Mother of the bride

“Heather is an amazing wedding planner and I am so glad she was able to assist us with our wedding! She had previously worked with our caterer and wedding venue and was able to provide valuable feedback and suggestions on our schedule of events based on her knowledge. She made sure everything went as planned and made it so easy for us to just be able to enjoy the day. Any time we needed anything she was there for us and really put a lot of energy into making sure our day went as planned. I don’t think our wedding would have gone so smoothly and beautifully without Heather. Thank you Heather for making our wedding so perfect!!!”

Moneka, Calluna Events bride

“I can’t endorse Calluna Events enough; because of them, I had the wedding of my dreams. My husband and I both love Boulder Colorado and wanted to be married there. We live in Louisiana and would not be back in Boulder until the week of our wedding, so we had a planning challenge on our hands. We also wanted a small and intimate wedding. We did not need full service wedding planning services- just assistance on an as-needed basis. Calluna Events was just what we needed. To them our little 20 person affair was just as important as a large 200+ guest wedding. I was connected with top-notch vendors and was provided with the best planner with whom I could discuss ideas. Spice Jones at Calluna was gem. She was responsive, knowledgeable, sweet, professional and a lot more. What I most enjoyed was HER! I felt like I had known her for years. Brides, please do yourselves a favor and call the gals at Calluna ASAP!”


“Calluna was the perfect fit for us as a day-of coordinator. I wasn’t sure if I really needed one, but after my amazingly stress-free wedding day – I couldn’t imagine my big day without them there. Gabbie was my go-to gal and was extremely prompt in answering all of my questions by email or phone and totally made sure that I was on track with all of my vendors. She even made some amazing local vendor recommendations and provided me with advice along the way to make sure I felt comfortable with all of my decisions. Hiring them was the best decision I made during my planning process and I couldn’t have been happier with the way everything turned out. Love, love, love Calluna!”

Melissa, Calluna Events bride

“Our family was flying in for Mike’s sons college graduation and we figured since everyone was going to be in town we mind as well get married…after seven years. I had looked online for “Boulder weddings” and came across Calluna Events. After browsing I realized that Heather and her team were not your normal, cookie cutter wedding planning company. Our vision was not anything big, we just wanted what means most to us…our incredible family and really good food and wine. In two months (!) Calluna did an amazing job creating the intimate and romantic wedding of our dreams! Mike loved working with Heather for our food and wine and I had a vision about my dress, the decor and the personalization I wanted for each guest to have. Mike and I are both very busy people and we left pretty much everything up to Heather and Calluna and they nailed it. We cannot speak highly enough about our wedding and all that Calluna has done. Heather was the epitome of professionalism and perfection — the woman has found her calling! Our Calluna experience was amazing, beautiful and just perfect!”

Sonia & Mike

“Heather at Calluna Events is the best wedding planner we have EVER worked with! We have been in business since 1999 and have played at 100s of weddings and SHE IS THE BEST. She is very organized, detail oriented and professional in every way. AND FRIENDLY! She puts everyone at ease. As every vendor knows, ceremonies can be stressful to say the least. Heather has a way of making everyone feel more calm and therefore everyone enjoys the wedding more, vendors, guests, brides, and grooms alike.”

Deb Corisis – Razumousky Quartet

“Heather’s calm presence is irreplaceable – from beginning to end it gave us a sense of calm about the entire planning process. I also really appreciated the vendor contacts; it took away the overwhelming aspect of searching for just the right vendors and made it fun! We LOVED all our vendors!!!”

Penelope Powell

“Heather was a dream come true. My wedding was absolutely perfect and went so smoothly thanks to her. I don’t know how she does it but man is she worth it.”

Emily & James Pieper

“We cannot imagine planning our wedding without Heather!! Her insight, professionalism, and calm presence always made the planning seem easy. From the very beginning, she thought of the details that we never would have, and clearly surpassed all of our expectations along the way. Heather helped us realize the vision that we had for our day, and kept us on track while we were planning from the East Coast. If we had to plan it a million times over, we wouldn’t have anyone else but Heather!!”

Marlaine & Andrew Olinick

“Choosing to work with Heather was hands down the best decision we made for our wedding. Her calm confidence, warmth and experience made the day so relaxing and enjoyable. Heather patiently fielded my many questions throughout the process and calmed my anxiety especially when a foot of snow was predicted the day before our outdoor ceremony! Luckily the snowstorm missed us and the day was beautiful. We couldn’t have done it without Heather…I wholeheartedly recommend Calluna Events for any event, big or small. Heather will save you money, time and hassle so that you can focus on begin present at your wedding or party!”

Christy & Cliff Shaw

“Heather with Calluna Events has my highest recommendation. First of all she is the sweetest girl around. Second of all, I am always amazed at how such a kind and gentle spirit can plan and facilitate weddings- big and small, grand and simple- with such efficiency. Every single wedding on which we have collaborated over the last 6 years has run like clockwork. The events are seamless and her clients are delighted. As a wedding photographer it is such a relief to know the event you will be covering will so well handled and punctual.”

Regina Mountjoy – Recherche Photography

“When I hired Heather I never dreamed she would be so helpful. I quite frankly only hired her because the St. Julien recommended I do so. I don not work outside of the home so I figured I could handle it all. Heather directed me to vendors who were excellent, especially for invitations, calligraphy, baked goods and transportation. Heather supported and guided me through the whole process – with only slight nudges when needed. The vendors I selected also appreciated Heather’s laid back yet thorough approach to detail.”

Flowers – $2,000
Cake – $1,000
Dress – $4,000
Reception – $10,000
Heather’s services the day of the wedding – PRICELESS!

Susan Sterling – Mother of the bride

“Calluna Events provided me with the one thing I wanted most, but didn’t know I could buy…peace of mind. Knowing Heather was behind the scenes enabled me to slow down, enjoy the day and leave all my worries behind. Heather’s knowledge of the “process” and calm manner before the wedding were extremely helpful. I never felt pushed into a decision ~ and felt great support. The day of, it just felt great to have Heather there, taking care of things. Her little touches such as flowers on the aisle were wonderful. Thank you!”

Ashley Johnson

“Heather, It has been a few days since Leah and Bret’s wedding and I am starting to get back to normal. I have many thank you’s to write to the amazing people who helped put Leah and Bret’s wedding dreams into reality. Heather, you deserve so much more than a thank you. You have a special gift that brings out the best in people. I can’t tell you how many times I heard “You are working with the best” from people describing you. In the beginning I thought I could put this wedding together and didn’t need a wedding planner. How wrong I was! You not only had an amazing knack of putting Leah and Bret with the right vendors but I know they gave so much more of their time and talents because of you and your wonderful reputation. I have much more to say and will be sending you a written letter, but I wanted you to know how happy and thankful we are to you.”

John and Christy Wissing – Mother & Father of the bride

“Heather has a rapport with her clients that is such an asset! There are so many times that she has captured details that the client has expressed to her that really make the event. We have seen some of the most unique and detailed weddings that Heather has brought together at Lionscrest. Always a pleasure to work with Calluna Events.”

Lionscrest Manor

“Heather was an absolute pleasure to work with. If I were a Bride, I would hire her in a second! She was very personable, calm and collected, professional, not to mention CREATIVE! We will do the happy-dance anytime we get the opportunity to work with her and Calluna Events!”

Gray Photography

“Heather and the rest of the Calluna Events team is an incredible joy to work with. As a wedding cinematographer, it’s very important that things go smoothly throughout the day. Any changes in the schedule or order of events can be disastrous if all of your vendors aren’t on the same page. Calluna Events never allows this to happen and are amazing at keeping everything working together, which in turn makes the wedding run smoothly and the bride and groom to be happy and enjoy the day!”

Kyle Hodge, KHodge Films, Denver cinematographer

“Heather, It has been a few days since Leah and Bret’s wedding and I am starting to get back to normal. I have many thank you’s to write to the amazing people who helped put Leah and Bret’s wedding dreams into reality. Heather, you deserve so much more than a thank you. You have a special gift that brings out the best in people. I can’t tell you how many times I heard “You are working with the best” from people describing you. In the beginning I thought I could put this wedding together and didn’t need a wedding planner. How wrong I was! You not only had an amazing knack of putting Leah and Bret with the right vendors but I know they gave so much more of their time and talents because of you and your wonderful reputation. I have much more to say and will be sending you a written letter, but I wanted you to know how happy and thankful we are to you.”

John and Christy Wissing

“Heather is absolutely the best at what she does. Every wedding we have worked at with her has gone smoothly and has been a pleasure to film. We know that if are hired to film a wedding that Heather is coordinating that it will be top notch!”

Lockerpartners Videography

“As a wedding photographer I have had the pleasure of working with many wedding planners and I can honestly say that I most enjoy working with Heather.”

Jessica Maynard, Colorado Wedding Photographer

“Heather is the consummate professional event planner. Leave the details to her and you will be guaranteed a smooth event, no matter what you’re celebrating.”

Amy Mentuck, Calluna Bride

“Thanks so much for making Julie + Paul’s Wedding go so smoothly! Everything looked amazing! We cannot wait to work with you again!”

Julian Mackler, Mackler Studios, NYC Photographer

“Only Heather could have made the impossible happen – a perfect wedding party in five weeks!”

Bia Yordi, Bride

From Heather’s initial involvement as a Committee Member on the Boulder Community Hospital to her planning and flawless execution of the annual Boulder Community Hospital Auxiliary Black Tie Gala, she has always left us in awe.  Her commitment, dedication, and splendid creativity helped elevate our annual event and exceeded all expectations, year after year. Heather’s extensive background in Non-Profit events was fully evident in her uncanny ability to leverage connections and maximize our budget. From the invitations to the décor to the food, Calluna Events created a buzz heard around town and our Black Tie Gala was sold out long before the event date. The challenge of working with a limited budget proved a small feat, as Heather allowed us to streamline our planning process and focus our attention on fundraising dollars. I would recommend Heather and her team for any and all future events and considered it an absolute pleasure working with Calluna.

Ron Secrist, President – Boulder Community Hospital Foundation