Why We’re Unique

We understand planning a wedding can be a daunting task – which vendors to choose and why. How and why you choose your wedding planner is a very personal process and one we take very seriously. We encourage interviewing planers until you find the one you click with and one who gets your vision, personality and budget.

So why hire Calluna?

We identify the emotional experience our clients want to have for themselves, their family, friends and guests, then simply curate the process to allow that feeling to unfold seamlessly and authentically. An event is dynamic and full of excitement, and with that comes challenges relating to budget, personal relationships, location, logistics, weather or religious convictions. We like to say we are challenge-agnostic, an ethic that allows us to guide the planning process and root every detail of a celebration in the feeling our client wants to have. The result is a beautiful and memorable experience.

Twelve full years in business, many more years of event planning experience between all of our event planners, and the multi-faceted backgrounds of our team have allowed Calluna Events to become the most sought-after wedding and event planning company in Colorado, as showcased in our portfolio of enthusiastic clients. Our experience allows us to use prudence and careful discretion when designing events as, to us, every detail is a thoughtful addition to the event. It also allows us to preempt last minute or unexpected challenges with grace, efficiency and professionalism so that they become inconspicuous to our clients.

As a company, and personally, our curators and stylists embrace alternative traditions that bring brides to Colorado, to the beach, a mountain town, or abroad. We love helping others share the organic connection with the family and friends that Boulder is known for to celebrate the start of the next chapter in their lives.

Our feminine yet modern outlook, and artistic slant on weddings and events, keeps us connected to the latest fashions, styles and culture. Our coordinators have a wide spectrum of personal and professional experience, tastes, and personalities, allowing us to identify with any bride, be it a red-carpet occasion, a mountainside soiree or a country-style event at a local farm. We are down to earth, authentic people who strive for our weddings to truly reflect each couple and their vision for their day.