Coffee With Calluna :: Morning Weddings & Wedding Dress Alternatives!

It’s another week of #CoffeeWithCalluna and we’re so excited to share a few more tips and tricks. Each week we’ll answer questions we receive from our readers. Send your questions about weddings, planning, style, or anything really and we’ll answer them!

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  •    I want to have a morning wedding, what are some good ways to make a daytime wedding just as fun?

We LOVE the idea of a morning wedding and we think there are some great ways to make it unique and fun! First off, daytime weddings are usually less expensive, so if you are working with a tight budget a daytime wedding could be a great alternative. For food and drink, we adore the idea of a mimosa bar, or a even a coffee bar with a barista that can create everyones favorite caffeinated drinks. For decor, options are unlimited. While you may feel that a daytime soiree has to be more casual, don’t be afraid to add elements of formality, after all it is your big day!

  • I don’t want to wear the traditional white wedding gown…what are some good alternatives?

Gone are the days that the bride has to wear white. We love a gorgeous white gown but we also adore alternative options like a colored dress, a two piece dress or a jumpsuit! One of our gorgeous brides, Page, wore a stunning light pink gown at her Aspen wedding and we were smitten. See photos from her gorgeous nuptials here! We also have a bride this year wearing a jumpsuit and we think she is going to look not only chic but also classy. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box!

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Coffee With Calluna :: Morning Weddings & Wedding Dress Alternatives!